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SimethiconE 62.5 Mg Orally Disintegrating Strips Manufacturer In Mumbai, India

Simethicone Orally Disintegrating Strips 62.5mg Manufacturers In Mumbai, India

DKL Simethicon 62. 5 mg

Simekon oral films (Simethicone)is an oral anti-foaming agent used to reduce bloating, discomfort and pain caused by excess gas in the stomach or intestinal tract. It is a mixture of polydimethylsiloxane and silica gel, which is majorly used to be treated through Simethicone 62.5 Mg Orally Disintegrating Strips 

Simethicone 62.5 MG is an anti-flatulent agent, a medication used to treat signs of flatulence (gas/wind), such as uncomfortable pressure or pain, bloating, and fullness. It also serves as a diagnostic tool to aid in removing gas from the intestines and stomach before gastroscopy, abdominal organ sonography, and x-ray examination.

The best manufacturer in Mumbai & India for Simethicone 62.5 Mg Orally Disintegrating Strips does well in eradicating any such symptoms.

Simethicone contains silicone, which lowers the surface tension of gas bubbles, allowing gas to be expelled through flatus or belching (burping). It also keeps gas from accumulating and forming in the digestive tract. It has zero side effects and pure composition. These oral stripes are flexible and can be easily handled, stored, and transported.

DK Livon, one of the best orally disintegrating strip manufacturers in India, aims to make the world healthier. We provide products that are suitable for both pharmaceuticals and wellness.

Uses of Simethicone 62.5 MG orally disintegrating strips:

1. Abdomen Bloating 

Simethicone 62.5 MG strips are fortune strips for patients suffering from stomach discomfort, abdominal pain, and flatulence caused by too much gas in the stomach. It also aids in the relief of postoperative pain caused by excess gas in the stomach or intestine. It can also be used before a radiologic or endoscopic examination to remove gas from the stomach and improve visibility.

2. Functional Gastro Disorder

Simethicone disintegrating strips can treat symptoms associated with functional gastric disorders such as belching (gas expelled from the stomach with a sound), bloating (gas buildup in the stomach/intestine), stomach distention, abdominal pain, and others.

How Do Simethicone Orally Disintegrating Strips Work?

Simply put, Simethicone is an anti-foaming agent taken orally to relieve the consequences of stomach gases that cause bloating and discomfort. It connects and breaks down gas bubbles in the stomach, allowing the gas to be easily burped or passed by the body.

DK Livon, one of the best orally disintegrating strips manufacturers in India provides strips that dissolve upon contact with the tongue, within a few seconds. It means the consumer can take the product without the need for water or additional liquid. There is no need to swallow or chew these strips. 

Simethicone is a silicone compound that acts as a non-systemic surfactant in the gastrointestinal tract by lowering the surface tension of gas bubbles. It causes the gas bubbles to coalesce and disperse, allowing them to exit the gastrointestinal tract as flatulence or belching. Simethicone causes gas bubbles to accumulate, allowing them to pass through the upper or lower gastrointestinal openings.

Simethicone 62.5 MG does not affect situations like lactose intolerance or side effects of medications that increase gas bubble production in the gastrointestinal tract. Most intestinal gases are nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, and methane. Simethicone is eliminated through feces. 

Simethicone Orally Disintegrating Strip 62.5 mg provided by DK Livon is manufactured using our ultra-advanced production site, pioneering in-house tools and techniques. Our range of products is renowned for its unbeatable quality. They are manufactured with the help of tested materials and technologically advanced machines.

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