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Folic Acid and Its Requirement in The Human Body

How Vitamin B9 and DK Livkon’s  Foliv Oral Strips help strengthen your Immune System

Our oral thin films or orally disintegrating strips containing 400 mg of folic acid by DK Livkon’s Foliv-400 dissolve quickly in the mouth without the need for water making it easy to consume. Each Foliv-400 pack contains 10 Folic Acid oral thin films for everyday consumption without any side effects. 

These Vitamin B9 strips instantly dissolve in the mouth and improve functionality by directly processing Vitamin B9 through our oral thin films directly into the bloodstream. Folate, also known as folic acid, is essential for many bodily processes. Since this kind of chemical is difficult to detect and process in the human body, it is essential that vitamin B9 be added in the form of daily diet as it is naturally found in many foods and can be taken in the form of medications.

Since folate is a crucial nutrient for both children and adults, the Vitamin B9 oral strips are made specifically for the body’s rapid cell division during pregnancy and infancy. They also help to form red blood cells, which support a robust immune system

Livkon Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is known for being the best manufacturer and distributor of oral thin films or orally disintegrating strips(ODS) across the country. The oral thin films‘ advantages over tablets and capsules include instant wettability, quick dissolution, lack of stickiness and tackiness, and lack of curvature. 

Ingredients Used To Manufacture FOLIV-400- Folic acid Orally Disintegrating Strips 

Oral dissolving thin films can be produced using a wide range of techniques, including solvent casting, hot-melt extrusion, semi-solid casting, solid-dispersion extrusion, and rolling. These techniques and the numerous criteria used to analyze orally disintegrating films. 

This oral thin film is produced in India. We are Livkon Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd., an established pharmaceutical business with a solid reputation for producing oral thin films in India. This oral thin film has a flavour of sweet orange and contains biotin, folic acid, and vitamin B9 molecules. These could aid in your recovery from a vitamin B9 deficiency.

Benefits of using FOLIV-400- Folic acid Oral Thin films 

By taking FOLIV-400, a folic acid oral thin film, one can supplement their diet with vitamin B9 and strengthen their cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and nervous systems. For those who are pregnant or nursing, FOLIV-400- Folic acid oral thin film or orally disintegrating films is the best option. Vitamin B9 is primarily used for the production of red blood cells. FOLIV-400-folic acid oral thin film or orally disintegrating films can be used for a variety of purposes because cell division and production maintain health and immunity in both children and adults.

Why is Vitamin B9 Important?

Vitamin B9 is water-soluble nutrition and is important for keeping the nervous system and immune systems intact. Since the human body can’t produce it, it is consumed by diet and supplements. It can be taken from leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, clams, red meat, and other dairy products.

The formation of red blood cells as well as the growth and function of healthy cells depend on folate (vitamin B-9). The nutrient is essential in the early stages of pregnancy to lower the risk of brain and spine birth defects. 

You can completely recover from vitamin B9 deficiency thanks to the highly efficient and simple-to-use Folic acid Foliv-400 Oral Thin films from DK Livkon, which serve as the main beneficiary for all things vitamin and help you recover faster and better!

The Bottom Line

As an outcome, vitamin B9 is a crucial nutrient for the growth of the immune system, cognitive development, and central nervous system. Sadly, the human body cannot produce it on its own, but it can be replaced by eating regular meals. The best sources of vitamin B9 have been found to be leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, clams, red meat, and other dairy products. It is highly advised to obtain it from sources like orally disintegrating films, which are produced in India by Livkon Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.

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