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Lifestyle Products That You Should Use As Daily Necessities

Lifestyle Products That You Should Use as Daily Necessities

There are a variety of lifestyle products that are available for day-to-day usage. These products include multivitamins oral strips, protein supplements, skincare oral strips, and pills that can provide healthy and natural sleep. The products must be of top quality and efficient. It is important that the products maintain all user standards in order to sustain and overcome the health issues faced by the users. 

DK. Livkon Healthcare Private Ltd provides lifestyle products to treat medical issues related to low energy levels, gum and oral problems, and anti-hangover issues. They are also Oro Dispersible Film Manufacturers in Mumbai for day-to-day use which may prove to be very effective. Read this blog write-up to know more about such products.

Here is a list of a few lifestyle products and their usage. 


The lifestyle product is available as energy oral strips, and it helps to boost the energy levels of the user. It helps to recharge the user and make that person active. It can be used in energy drinks. The refreshing and delicious energy strips help to rejuvenate and activate the user both mentally and physically. Its stimulatory properties help to increase endurance performance.

It is ideally suited for those who are 

  • Low energy levels
  • Feeling lethargic
  • Weak physically or mentally2. DKL FEELMINT

This product is yet another from D. K. Livkon. These lifestyle products act as mouth fresheners. They can be used for oral hygiene and can keep the user’s breath fresh by destroying germs that are there in the gums or oral cavity. These strips can act as immunity oral strips and are easy to use. 

It is ideally suited for those who are 

  • Experiencing bad breath
  • Gum problems
  • Oral cavity issues3.DKL HANGOUT

This lifestyle product is an anti-hangover oral strip. It helps the user to stay refreshed every morning. It is known to contain ginger extracts as an ingredient. The lifestyle product helps in protecting the liver and diminishes the toxicity levels that are caused by drinking issues. It also helps to maintain the human body’s nerve and muscle functions.

It is ideally suited for those who are 

  • Experiencing hangover effects 
  • Have weak muscles and nerves
  • In need of refreshment

In case of allergies, consuming these products may lead to symptoms such as mouth tingling or itching, swollen lips and tongue, and swollen or itchy throat. It might also cause redness or blisters. In such a case, it is recommended to stop the consumption of the product and visit the doctor as soon as possible.


D.K. Livkon, Oro Dispersible Film Providers in Mumbai is known for a wide range of lifestyle products that include various vitamin and protein supplements. It provides energy oral strips, anti-hangover oral strips, immunity oral strips, as well as other medicated products, which, when used, can boost the overall health and well-being of the user. Give these lifestyle products a shot as a starter, and see what works best for you! 

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