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5 Ways To Get Rid Of From Dull And Dry Hairs During Winter

5 Ways to get rid of from dull and dry hairs During Winter

In winter, the drop in temperature gives you a break from hot sunny days, but it also gives you dull and dry hair, which results in hair loss. If you are facing the problem of hair loss, you are not alone. But in this article, we are here to give you relief from hair loss. Because winter is harsh and can affect your hair and make it weak, your hair needs some extra care and love during the season.

So control your hair loss and make them shiny and smooth even in the winter. Here are some ways to get rid of dull and dry hair, but first, Let’s understand why your hair becomes dull and dry during the winter. Scroll down and you will get some information about your hair.

Why your hairs get dull and dry during winter

Initially, the drop in temperature during the winter season has no effect on your hair; it is the dry air during the winter that causes this effect. because the air in winter, be it inside or outside, is dry, moisterless, and low in humidity. The air extracts all of the moisture from your hair, leaving it dull and dry.

To combat the dryness and for hair fall control, you can switch to hydrating shampoos and conditioners. But that’s not all, there are plenty of other ways to look after your locks. Keep on reading to find out what they are!

Way to keep your hair smooth and silky.

There are lots of ways to keep your hair healthy; here are some of them:

1.Avoid Hot Water

A hot bath in the winter seems like bliss, but you should avoid taking one—at least for your hair washes—because the water’s temperature is bad for your hair. Your hair may lose moisture when you wash it in hot water, becoming dry and breakable. Additionally, if you often wash your hair with hot water, you could also experience flakiness, itching, and dandruff.

2.No Frequent Washes

When it’s cold outside, try not to overwash your hair. The dry air makes your hair more drier, and frequent washing will remove the protective natural oils that keep your hair nourished. This could also be useful if you’re seeking ways to stop hair loss.

3.Take Hair Masking

You may give your hair and scalp a boost of moisture and nutrients by indulging in a protein-rich and highly hydrating hair mask, whether you choose a professional deep conditioning hair mask or a homemade treatment like a curd and honey mask.

It gives your locks a little shine and reduces frizz. You have the option of choosing hot oil treatments in addition to thorough conditioning or employing thick masks. Your best options for hydration are coconut oil and avocado oil. These oils will add shine, revitalize lifeless hair, and prevent breakage.

4. Use heat when necessary

Wintertime hair is brittle and prone to breaking. Heating tools just makes them more fragile, which causes more hair to fall out and deteriorate.


To prevent moisture loss, let your hair air dry rather than using heat styling products. If you’re seeking effective ways to stop hair loss, you should also attempt to avoid using hair straighteners and curling irons.

5. Follow a Healthy Diet

When taking care of your hair during winter, you need to nourish your body and hair from within.

Follow healthy diet and try to take more protein in your diet, take it from your meal or by supplements:

  1. Protein-Rich Food –Since protein makes up a large portion of your hair, eating adequate protein is essential for hair development. Your hair will be strengthened by protein ingestion. Some of the greatest protein sources for healthy hair are oats, soy milk, peas, quinoa, eggs, dairy products, etc.
  2. Iron-Rich Food –The health of your hair depends heavily on iron, making it the most crucial mineral for hair. Anemia, which inhibits the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and further stymies the delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles, can be brought on by low iron levels. This causes loss of the hair. As a result, aim to regularly consume adequate iron in your diet. Common foods high in iron include fish, salad greens, and broccoli.
  3. Vitamin C Rich Food –The body can better absorb iron thanks to vitamin C. Collagen formation is supported by vitamin C, which is excellent for the health and beauty of your hair. Fruits high in vitamin C include potatoes, black currants, kiwi fruit, oranges, and others.

The greatest vitamins for hair development include B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin a, and vitamin e. Try incorporating these items into your diet during winter.

Wrapping Up

Say no to hair loss this winter by following the above methods and putting in a little effort; you will notice a difference in your hair and rate of hair loss.

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